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Skull & Bone Mens Grooming LTD UK 


41 Langdykes Avenue



AB12 3FU

01224 879 927

Our Story

It all started with a washed up dream. Having always admired the development of men's fashion and with more of the male population starting to really care for their looks it was decided that the dream would be a voyage of discovery. 

We wanted to create a male grooming brand that was built around the use of natural products sourced from land & sea and from all corners of the world. 

The name Skull and Bone associates the purpose and the theme perfectly. All the products are designed for either skin care or hair care and all with a nautical twist. 

Skull & Bone is established on the strong morals of creating the strong, powerful man through the art of looking good and feeling good. Caring for your skin, styling your hair, controlling the beard are vital ingredients to confidence. The world has provided man with natural ingredients of which can enhance the healthiness of your skin and hair and that is exactly what we use. Quality brewing creates true luxury and the effects speak for themselves